The True Story of the 3 Wise Men in the Bible

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Why the 3 Wise Men Visited Jesus

The True Story of the 3 Wise Men in the Bible

 They came to Bethlehem in Judea during the time of King Herod to see baby Jesus and worship Him. These important personalities are also referred to as the Magi.

 The wise men from the east embarked on a two years’ journey before they arrive at Jerusalem.

Why the 3 Wise Men Visited Jesus

 The wise men saw a bright star in their country, which signifies the birth of a great king.

 They decided to trace the country where this king had been born so that ye can worship him.

Why the 3 Wise Men Visited Jesus

 As they embarked on the journey, they discovered that the great star was leading them on the way, and they decided to follow it.

 The star led them to Jerusalem, and they lost sight of it. That gave them the understanding that they have reached the domain of the new king.

 The birth of Jesus had been foretold in the scriptures, but the Magi did not know about that.

 The ruler of Judea when Jesus was born is King Herod. The Magi quickly located his palace and told him their mission.

The king was angry to hear that a new king would share in his glory and authority, but he pretended to be happy for hearing the news from the Magi.

 He called the scribes to search the scriptures, to find where Jesus would be born. The scribes told him it is Bethlehem in Judea.

 The king told the Magi to go and worship the new king and report back to him so that he too can go and worship him.

 King Herod had made up his mind to kill Jesus, but he hid this from the Magi.

 When the Magi cane out of the palace, they saw the star again which led them to where Jesus was.

 They were filled with joy when they saw the new king. They worshipped Him and gave Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

 The actions of the wise men show that they were led by God. They did not just leave their country in the east to come to Jerusalem to visit Jesus.

 What they did was preordained by God to tell the whole world who Jesus is, and what He has come to the world to do.

 The gold represents the kingship of Jesus, the frankincense his priesthood, and the myrrh, the fact that He will die and resurrect for our redemption.

 Reflection on the Story of the Magi

 The celebration of the birth of Jesus is more than a church tradition. The many days of Christmas the world has seen have nothing to do with it.

 The coming of the Magi from the east was not a coincidence. It was a divine arrangement by God.

 The star the Magi saw was the type they have never seen before. That was why they could not rest until they located the source of the star.

 It was not the star of Bethlehem, but the brighter and the morning star. The one that shines in darkness and darkness cannot overcome.

 They know that the glory of the new king is greater than that of the king of Arabia, the land of their nativity, or any other earthly king.

 They sacrificed all and braced all odds to ensure that they play their roles in God's divine plan.

 Unfortunately, the sight of the wise men visiting King Herod, and their mission, could not jolt the highly religiously scribes of Jerusalem from their spiritual slumber.

 They knew where and when Jesus would be born, and they were very close to Him. Yet they did not deem it fit to find Him and worship Him.

 After they told the Magi where to find Jesus Christ, they went back to their religious activities as if nothing had happened.

 God wants us to be like the Magi. "For He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him." Hebrews 11:6.

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