Who Walked On Water with Jesus

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Peter the foremost of the disciples of Jesus was the man who walked on water with Jesus. It happened after Jesus performed the miracle of feeding over 5000 people with two fishes and five loaves of bread. Matthew 14:13-21

Who Walked On Water with Jesus

Immediately after the miracle, Jesus instructed his disciples to get into the boat and get to the other side of the lake of Gennesaret. He did not follow them but went to a mountain to pray. He was there all night while the disciples were having it rough on the sea because there was a great storm raging on the sea.


The disciples were not expecting Jesus, so when they saw a figure walking toward them around midnight they became terrified, thinking he was a ghost. Jesus quickly identified himself to them, and in his characteristic manner assure them "It is I don't be afraid."


The disciples were fascinated seeing Jesus walking on water. They have seen him command a raging storm to cease, and the storm obeyed, but now they were seeing him walking on water. That was too much for them to quickly accept. Peter who was always the first person to speak out asked him whether he too can join him on the water. Peter wanted to find out whether that feat was only meant for Jesus or if it is something that a mortal man can do.


Jesus told him to come, and he came down from the boat. He discovered that he could stand on water, and he was not sinking. Peter started to walk toward Jesus, but out of curiosity, he shifted his attention from Jesus to look around him, then he saw the wind raging all around them. He became afraid and began to sink.


He quickly realized his mistake and cried out "Lord save me." Jesus quickly reached out his hand and pulled him up, asking him why he doubted. When Jesus climbed into the boat, the wind ceased. Still trying to recover from the shock of what they have seen, all the disciples in the boat worshipped him, relieved that Jesus had saved them from another wind and waves.


How Old Was Jesus When He Walked On Water

How Old Was Jesus When He Walked On Water

The Bible made us understand that Jesus started His earthly ministry at the age of 30 and completed it with His death and resurrection at the age of 33. All the teachings and miracles of Jesus recorded in the Bible took place within the space of 3 years that He used for His ministry. The miracle of walking on the sea was one of these. Not only that, but the Bible also recorded that Peter walking on water shared out of the miracle while other disciples were watching.


When we look at the number of years Jesus spent on earth, we can conclude that it was short. But it was fulfilling and impactful. He was able to accomplish all that He was ordained to do. That was why He said on the cross before He died. "It is finished." John 19:30. God wants us to know that it is not the number of years that we spent on earth that matters. It is what we were able to achieve in those years. More importantly, it is whether we have accomplished God's purpose or not.


What Sea Did Jesus Walked On


Jesus walked on the sea of Galilee. This body of water was one of the notable places mentioned in the New Testament. It was among the few places used by Jesus as a base for His earthly ministry. Jesus traveled on the sea many times, preaching to people.


Strange enough, the Sea of Galilee was also called Lake Tiberias and Lake Gennesaret as the Bible describes various activities that Jesus performed that are connected to the sea. Researchers have found that the sea is the lowest freshwater body on earth, 13 miles in length, and 8 miles in width. It is being fed by another river famous in the Bible - River Jordan. Among the cities located on the shore of the Sea of Galilee is Capernaum, the city Jesus used as a base for his ministry.


What one can see in and around Lake Gennesaret today has not changed much from what used to be when Jesus walked along the shore and journeyed on it from one end to another. That cannot be said about many other places that Jesus lived and visited when He was on earth. That alone makes the sea one of the few remaining landscapes that hosted Jesus Christ when He was on earth.


The story of Jesus walking on water had been told for centuries as recorded in the Bible. But that was not the only story connected to this sea. Jesus calmed the storm on the sea. Mark 4:35-41. He told Peter to cast his net to catch fish after he fished all night and caught nothing. Luke 5:1-5. Peter obeyed and got a net-breaking catch. This was also the place where Jesus called His disciples when He wanted to start His ministry. Jesus said many parables that are connected with water or rivers. The sea of Galilee provided the right setting for that.


Did Peter Walk On Water


As recorded in the book of Matthew 14:22-33. Jesus walked on water, while His disciples were in a boat. He was not the only one that did it. Peter got down from the boat and walked on the same water. That can only mean one thing. In the history of mankind, only two people had walked on water; Jesus and Peter.


There are lessons that God wants us to learn from this miracle, especially the part that concerns Peter. The first thing we can see is that Peter launched out in faith. He trusted in the word of Jesus, stepped into the water, and started walking on it. Faith is very important in our walk with God. The Bible says “without faith it is impossible to please Him.” Hebrews 11:6. Faith is what we need to get whatever we want from God. Peter must have remembered what happened at the shore of the same lake when Jesus told him to throw his fishing net into the water to catch fish. Peter knew what Jesus asked him to do was ridiculous and foolish. He obeyed and got a miracle. That must have prompted his faith that he too can walk on water like Jesus.


The second thing we noticed is that Jesus took his eyes off Jesus. That was a costly mistake because immediately he did that he started sinking into the water. The Bible admonishes us to "Look unto Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith." Hebrews 12:2. Looking into Jesus means having in focus what Jesus has said about the situation we are going through. That is what can help us hold unto our faith until our desire is granted. This is of utmost importance because when you request something from God, you don't know when the answer will come. You have to keep waiting until you get the answer to your request.


The third thing we noticed is that Peter turned his attention to the wind. When he saw the wind, he was afraid and began to sink. Most of the time, faith and fear determine what we get from God. When we have faith we get God's attention, when we have fear, we doubt and lose our blessings. Meanwhile, what you are seeing determines whether of faith or fear you would have. When Peter was looking at Jesus He was getting faith. When he turned to the wind and the raging storm, he got fear and the result was immediate. We are to turn away from our problems and focus on Jesus. You have no business looking around. When you do, you will see what Satan has set around you, and they are usually terrifying. 


You must focus on Jesus and He will take care of the challenges surrounding you. In the story of Jesus walking on water, it appeared as if Jesus did not have the solution to the wind. But when He entered the boat the violent wind calmed down all of a sudden. 


You will do yourself a lot of good by learning from what happened to peter. When he realized his mistake, he cried out in fear to the Lord, and Jesus quickly rescued him. Jesus will not close His ears to any distress call. God said " Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor Me." Jeremiah 33:3. Many of us like to carry unnecessary burdens. Please know that Jesus had been ordained to take away all our burdens. He is the burden bearer. He can take care of all problems no matter how critical they may be. You only need to read those things that were recorded in the Bible concerning Him to know this. Don't wait until you start getting afraid and beginning to sink like Peter before you call on Jesus. He is beside you, call on Him now.

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