How to get in tune with the holy spirit

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How to tune in with holy spirit

To get tuned with the Holy Spirit, one has to tune his body first

This body is a gift of Jesus. This enables us to think and do whatever we want. If we are not fit then we will always be surrounded by problems related to your body. This will not allow us to think in a positive direction.

In today's world, we have lost our patience to get things. Connection with the Holy Spirit demands our time and willingness. This includes reading about our god and making a deeper connection with him. Let’s go deep into the topic and know the factors which can help us in getting tuned with Holy Spirit

The desire of the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit only appears to those who have a heartfelt desire to have it. It is very important for preachers to remain in touch with like-minded people. It’s a good idea to visit the church on regular basis to receive guidance from wise men. Another thing that preachers must do is reading the bible. The desire to get the love of God grows when you have faith in god. Always remember God is communicating with us. We just have to tune in our frequency to start receiving messages.

Praying consistently is a necessity

 Praying regularly fills us with good thoughts about the Holy Spirit and opens our hearts too. The moment we start praying we come one step closer to the holy spirit, remember believing is achieving here. Praying can only bring results when we are in complete peace of mind. So praying can be done anywhere in masses, church, school, college, home, workplace but peace of most is the uttermost requirement. Our scriptures say people of mind come with positive acts and thoughts.

How can you hear the Holy Spirit?

After reading so much about Holy Spirit, we can certainly say there is no magic formula that can help you in hearing Holy Spirit. Listening to god’s people can help you in making a connection with the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit may use godmen to share special messages with you.

Now, this does not mean that you have to start following every person who claims to be God's man. Only listen to those who are spirit-filled, pure at heart, and true believers of Jesus Christ.  (Psalm 100:4) says you should pray to god regularly and give thanks to the Lord for everything you have. Praise the Lord.

Holy Spirit tunes with Pure Heart

Yes, this is true. Holy Spirit only makes contact with those people, who are the real followers of Jesus and who practice the teachings of the bible without any doubt in mind. These people love everyone and do not have grudges for other people.

Some important teachings to follow are –

  • Jesus asks us to repent—turn away from wrong, confess wrongdoing (Matt. 4:17)
  • Jesus says, “Follow me” and you will help find other followers (Matt. 4:18-22).
  • Jesus showed compassion for all and helped them: the poor, the despised, the outcasts, and wants us to do the same (Matt. 4:24-25;9:9-13).
  • The many stories and healings of Jesus teach us, “Have faith; it is enough” (Matt. 9:18-31).
  • Jesus preaches, “Love your enemies; do not hate, be reconciled” (Matt. 5:38-48; 5:21-24).


Accepting the truth will make you strong

  • Acknowledging your weakness and working on them
  • Be honest to your god – follow this consistently in your prayers
  • Blaming god for your shortcoming is not correct - God has done his best by giving you human life and now it’s your turn to make the best of it
  • God commandments are the ultimate truth – Just follow without any questions in mind

Knowing the Holy Spirit

Yes knowing what will happen when you receive the Holy Spirit will increase your urge to get it. Holy Spirit makes you capable of getting professional success and personal fulfillment. Holy Spirit makes you aware of the purpose of your life This opens the spiritual doors for you. A life free from the fears of satin and which you will love to live. Many people felt joy and CHILDLIKENESS after having a connection with the Holy Spirit. They started rolling on the floor and start running like a child.

Christian sociologist Margaret Poloma surveyed around 1,000 people who had fallen under the power of the Spirit.

The result was astounding around 92% of people testified to the fact that they were more in love with Jesus. 82% of people say they feel motivated and excited, all of them have shared their experience with family and friends




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