Story of Abrahim faith

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From the inception of the world, Faith has been in existence. The Bible let us know that God created the universe through his command and all those living beings having faith in god are benefited.
Let’s see how Abraham’s unconditional faith on god earned him everything he wanted.
Abraham was already old, likewise his Wife, Sarah but they wanted to have many children. He prayed to god
One fine day
God promised Abraham that he would bless him with children’s.
Tthrough Faith, Abraham believed God and never disobeyed him.
Sometime later
God asked him to leave his home land and go to an unknown place for living, changing place in old age was very difficult, but Abraham followed god and his wife supported him.
Finally, with the grace of god; Sarah gave birth to the Abraham Son Isaac.

After some time, God Appeared and asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac
Even a thought of sacrifice Isaac was painful, but Abraham believed in god and took painful decision.
Abraham descided to do sacrifice Isaac.
In the morning Abraham started the journey to the place of sacrifice
While they were going Isaac was terrified and asked father about sacrifice.
Abraham told him, son this is god’s will and we have to obey
After reaching the place of sacrifice, Abraham raised his hand to kill Isaac,
Suddenly God voice came and told him not to harm isaac.
God told that he is happy with the level of faith Abraham had and because of that, he promised to make him father of many nations. God blessed him with many children and descendants.
The story of Abraham makes us learn that -
Faith is indispensable part of you as a Christian
Faith is a prerequisite to live
Faith can move mountains
Bible says, “without Faith, it is impossible to please God.”
Say Amen Amen Amen

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